Common threads in CommonHealth: weaving a tapestry of research

How do you draw concluding messages from a 5 year, multi-disciplinary research programme that involved 8 individual projects exploring pathways between social enterprise and health?

It’s a big question, right?! In this post we share how we’ve been approaching this task since March this year, and provide details of our upcoming knowledge exchange event where you can find out more…

In March this year the CommonHealth team met to share the emerging findings from each of the individual projects on the CommonHealth programme and to discuss to what extent we could see common themes, patterns and challenges arising from our data. We asked each project to prepare a poster illustrating their strongest, tentative and most surprising findings, allowing 5 mins for each poster presentation. Immediate feedback was given using a colour coded post-it system.


After some discussion, we formed groups and asked each group to produce a ‘picture’ of the findings across the programme –focusing on strongest findings and connections between the projects.

The day itself provoked a lot of discussion and questions around ways of defining social enterprise and our ability to compare outcomes while acknowledging the diversity of interventions. Another set of questions focused on the mechanisms that connect the work of social enterprises to health and wellbeing –can we represent these in a linear model? Are there ‘loops’? What can disrupt and break connections to health and wellbeing?

After working through these questions for the last few months we’d love to share our latest thoughts with you at our next knowledge exchange event that we’ll be running as part of GCU’s research week.

Come along to hear:

  • Researchers presenting the emerging findings from their projects
  • More detail on how we’ve been connecting the findings across the programme
  • Preliminary thoughts on our concluding messages
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Networking and refreshments!

We hope to see you there.

Common threads in CommonHealth, Tuesday 19th June 2018 (9.30am-12.15pm)

TO JOIN: sign up via Eventbrite:

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